Orbis Education Earns Accreditation Renewal from ANCC

Orbis Education has received a four-year accreditation renewal from the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s (ANCC) Commission on Accreditation. Orbis first received accreditation from ANCC in September 2016. The qualification enables Orbis to offer continuing nursing education (CNE) that meets licensing and certification renewal requirements to faculty at its academic partners.

“Ongoing education is required by many states to help nurses improve professional skills and maintain their licenses,” explained Steve Hodownes, chief executive officer at Orbis Education. “Renewal of our ANCC accreditation means we can continue to provide easy access to the high-quality CNE that faculty at many of our university partners need.”

Orbis partners with universities to expand pre-licensure healthcare programs to help overcome the shortage of skilled healthcare providers in the U.S. Under the agreements, Orbis develops hybrid programs that feature interactive e-Learning platforms to educate students on healthcare fundamentals and theories. The company funds, develops and equips state-of-the-art education facilities as well as recruits and hires faculty to teach the clinical labs where students turn the foundational knowledge they learn online into psychomotor skills. The instructors also support students throughout and proctor exams in a secure testing environment.

Orbis currently has 14 academic partners that deliver high-quality, clinically intensive education programs that fast-track students into the nursing, occupational therapy and other healthcare professions.

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