The Orbis Solution for Universities

Solving the Problem

The only way to meet the needs of the growing healthcare industry is to graduate more professionals. However, the process of graduating students, let alone placing them in programs, comes with many challenges. Higher education is a very competitive industry and changing regulations, as well as shifting populations, can present additional hurdles to enrollment rates.

Orbis Education is a fully integrated solution for universities aimed to remove these and other barriers of growth for healthcare programs. We take a targeted approach to each partnership to identify and strategize the best way to optimize university’s existing programs to help graduate more professionals needed to fill the growing healthcare workforce needs. Explore our solution benefits.

Benefits to our University Partners

We take on the role of a full-service, behind-the-scenes program manager for our University Partners. Using the latest educational technologies and an array of complementary services, we enable transformative growth for your healthcare programs by converting them into an accelerated delivery model that combines innovative online courses with traditional hands-on skills labs and clinical placement.

Enrollment Growth

The Orbis Solution makes growing your healthcare degree programs to meet market demand possible. Orbis helps university partners increase enrollment levels from a class average of 30+ students once a year to classes of 70+ students three times a year.

Loss of graduates and financial loss is a reality that many institutes face, forcing some to turn down or waitlist program applicants due to resource constraints. Limited classroom space is no longer an inhibitor with our branded online course design. In addition, our collaborative partnerships with healthcare providers allows us to provide a solution to limited clinical placements.

Off-Campus Site Management

Orbis Education builds, establishes, and equips off-campus academic learning sites where students practice clinical skills in a lab setting, engage in collaborative learning activities, and take exams in a proctored, secure testing environment. Our team sources and designs learning centers that allow our partners to extend their campuses to satellite locations sited with the student-base and local attributes in mind. Each academic site is specifically designed to facilitate student’s interaction with their cohort and educators, in addition to providing simulation space that prepares students with real world experience in a safe, cohesive environment

Orbis managed learning centers are outfitted with advanced technology, to simulate situations in a controlled environment, to better guarantee graduates of our programs are ready for any situation they face in the field. In addition to healthcare facility simulation labs with manikin patients and real equipment, partners can incorporate virtual reality simulators that allow students to reproduce situations that may not be seen in normal clinical rotations.

Expertise in Multiple Areas of Study

As the recent COVID-19 pandemic has taught us, the need for medically trained professionals affects nearly all branches of healthcare. Orbis Education has years of experience optimizing healthcare focused associates’ certificates and baccalaureate or higher level programs that produce highly marketable, well-trained graduates.

We leverage market research and industry expertise with our university partners to identify not only the most applicable solution to their target program, but to multiple programs that can benefit from our unique program design and management. Off-site learning centers can be designed for multiple program uses to maximize the amount of education possible. Our accelerated format benefits a wide array of schedules to allow university programs to appeal to demographics that may not enroll in traditional programs, such as returning students, parents, and second career professionals.

Course Development

The Product Development team works closely with each university partner to deliver online course design that can be customized in an accelerated format. From orientation to examinations, no detail of the student experience or academic standards is sacrificed for speed. Thorough planning goes into each lesson design to envelop the on-campus experience online. Additional experts in the academic space are consulted by the Product Development team to guide each step of the process in partnership with each university. A myriad of course instruction methods are used to teach students at the same high standard of education from each partner.

Orbis managed programs not only offer course design for the curriculum but can deliver each partner’s prerequisite courses in an online format as well so that students can enter the program sooner, with more exposure to the university’s culture and experience.

Clinical Placement

Orbis forms strategic partnerships with leaders of the country’s best and biggest healthcare organizations, maximizing the clinical relationship to ensure the most consistent, hands-on experiences and placements for students.

Our growing list of healthcare partners allows Orbis to navigate the challenges that limited placement presents for many traditional healthcare programs. In addition, students are able to practice in various healthcare system that will allow them an edge upon graduation and licensure as they have gained experience in some of the nation’s fastest growing markets.

Marketing & Enrollment

Orbis Education recruits and manages the student acquisition process to create a streamlined experience from the first point of contact through enrollment advising. From initial inquiry to successful matriculation, we help schools get qualified applicants into the pipeline.

Our Marketing department is comprised of dedicated teams that manage branded campaigns to attract potential students in new and existing markets tailored to each educational partner’s mission.

Student-Centric Support

The success of our students is more than our focus, it is our mission at Orbis Education. From the moment a potential student is introduced to one of our programs to the day they accept their diploma, our team is there in support of each individual’s journey. Extensive training and initiatives give our admissions team the ability to connect with students on a deeper level, with our team of Student Success Coaches, leading to lower attrition rates.

Our goal is not only to prepare students for what lies ahead, but to support their goals to not only actualize, but exceed their potential. We provide the support needed for students to live up to their potential. From our student success initiative (PACE) to our dedicated admissions teams and faculty members, we have what it takes to help students start to finish. Orbis is dedicated to the student’s success to the date of their graduation.

Practice Ready Graduates

Graduates from Orbis managed programs receive the unique opportunity to build relationships and potential employments opportunities during their clinical placements at some of the leading healthcare providers in their area. Many practice-ready graduates are able to seamlessly enter the workforce to fulfill the job demand in these growing markets shortly after licensure.

In addition, most of the Orbis educational partner programs are in States that participate in the Nursing Licensure Compact (NLC). This affords new graduates, once they have passed the NCLEX and achieved licensure, to look for employment opportunities in 33 different States without having to re-licensure.