The Orbis Solution for Healthcare Partners

We Take a Demand Driven Approach

Sustaining the future of healthcare relies on a strong workforce equipped to face the challenges patient care brings. In most places across the United States, the demand for these professionals exceeds the supply.

That’s why we took a new approach.

Orbis Education bridges the gap between universities and providers with the goal to increase the number of licensed professionals working in the field. We excel in hybrid degree programs developed in partnership with universities to prepare qualified ready-for-hire graduates to fill the current demands in healthcare.

Benefits to Our Healthcare Partners

After many years of partnering with universities and hospital, we understand the challenges healthcare systems face when it comes to delivering the right care, at the right time, by practitioners with the right education and skills. That’s why our solution is built to benefit our healthcare partners.

Improved Patient Care

More hospitals are seeing the link between positive patient outcomes and baccalaureate-educated nurses. From our flagship ABSN program, to our advanced practice and specialty track programs, we support your organization in earning or maintaining Magnet status through educating quality professionals.

Our academic course design and learning centers offer state-of-the-art simulations, including utilizing virtual reality and augmented reality to produce situations that students may not face in clinical situations, allowing students to be able to face a variety of emergency situation with more confidence.

Diverse Talent Pool

Our student body is comprised of people from various backgrounds and ages, each sharing more than just a desire to enter the healthcare field. By choosing our accelerated format, they are deciding to enter the field as it is today, aiming to provide a better tomorrow.

The focus and commitment of our graduates has been demonstrated with higher than average first-time pass rates on board exams. Students of online education have a higher rate of students returning to school after being in the workforce, some of which provide invaluable experience that can’t be taught in the classroom.

Cost Efficiency

We understand the need to balance superior patient care with cost efficiency. Our immersive partnership approach gives you access to top talent while reducing your recruiting, hiring, training, and turnover costs. We also reduce your need for contract workers, which is expensive and can disrupt continuity.

Hiring Advantage

Today’s competitive hiring environment makes it difficult to source the level of talent your organization demands. Our partnership model provides you with a pool of talent specifically prepared to succeed within your organization, allowing you to pick the “best of the best” and gain a competitive advantage.

Educational Influence

Orbis provides healthcare partners with a voice in how healthcare education is being delivered. Our partnership allows healthcare providers to help educators prepare students for a future as competent, confident, leaders in the industry and shape the future of healthcare education overall for the next generation.

Long-term Impact

Each academic program we manage is strategically placed in markets that are already experiencing or are projected to expect a deficit in healthcare professionals within the next ten years. We aim to meet future demands in areas across the United States beyond just the location of our partners by developing satellite learning centers that support our coursework with simulation labs.